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Ontario Disability services

We service all ODSP, WSIB, CPP, DTC and LTD claimants

Canadians with physical disabilities and serious mental health issues are being denied crucial tax credits due to a change in eligibility criteria.

One Ontario mother who cares for her 16-year-old son who has ADHD and a learning disability told CBC News she had been informed by the Canada Revenue Agency she was no longer eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. As a caregiver for her son, she had relied on the tax benefit for years until she was suddenly denied last year.

No explanation was given.  

A man in Yellowknife with a congenital hearing defect said that, when he asked why his was denied, he was told if he were given the reason that he would simply resubmit his application with a workaround. 

They are not alone. 

As a newly released report by the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology reveals, it turns out the CRA rejected more than 45,000 applications in 2016-17 compared to 30,235 the year before —

National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier has offered an apology for these “unintended consequences” faced by thousands of Canadians.

But we need to do better.

“We believe that people can be disabled from Work, not from Life."

David H. Blasick, CFP, Disability Consultant, can be reached at 905-312-8882 or