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Neighbourhood Action Strategy


Neighbourhood action strategy (nas)

The Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS) is a joint initiative that was launched in 2011 in response to growing awareness about the significant disparities in health, social and economic conditions between various neighbourhoods in the City. 11 of Hamilton’s neighbourhoods are members of the strategy: Beasley, Crown Point, Davis Creek, Gibson and Lansdale (GALA), Jamesville, Keith, McQuesten, Rolston, Riverdale, Sherman, and Stinson. Our strategy sees neighbours working along-side community developers, the Hamilton Community Foundation, and the City of Hamilton.

We see the needs of our increasingly diverse communities, including: newcomers to Canada, immigrants, diverse spiritual identities, our LGBTQ community, all age groups, as well as the many unique physical, emotional and developmental identities that exist within our community. As community developers we are committed to cultivating relationships among people. That means we support growth within a single community, as well as across diverse groups.

Community Developers can be reached at:

Judy Kloosterman
289-652-2354 ext. 1003 

Laura Ryan
289-652-2354 ext. 1002

Nazia Zeb
289-652-2354 ext. 1004

Sunil Angrish
289-652-2354 ext. 1005