The Commons


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The Commons is a unique social enterprise innovated by Indwell, an innovator in affordable housing.







Indwell, is a non-profit charity that builds communities for marginalized people seeking health, wellness and belonging.

Indwell buildings are beautiful places that remind people of their inherent dignity. Their unique model provides support so the idea of stable permanent housing becomes a tangible reality for those that have never experienced a place to call “home”. These don’t just become places to call home, but places to grow and embrace independence, and places to build community, neighbours and friendships.


Indwell’s mission:
Hope & Homes for All

The Commons is prime frontage in one of Indwell’s Hamilton housing communities and their head office. With city bi-laws Indwell needed to provide commercial space on Main St. to comply with multi-use regulations. The team at Indwell thought: what better use than to create a space where innovators of all kinds could come together; to work, to collaborate, to build on the energies of those around them, to be inspired by each other – a community hub, for businesses, non-profits, and change-makers.



they are living in poverty because of their diagnosed disability and inability to work.

we recognize that little improvement can happen in an individual’s life while they struggle to find a safe, stable places to live.

the majority of our tenants live on less than $14,000 a year.

most have been homeless, and most have spent time in a psychiatric hospital due to mental illness.



Indwell has been a provider of affordable supportive housing for over 40 years. Finding innovative solutions to complex problems has propelled Indwell to becoming a leader in affordable housing. Over the past 18 months alone, Indwell has opened four new programs to provide hope and homes to 180 people; a total of 440 people are now supported by Indwell.


“A person’s health is a product of their environment. As such, a healthy community is one in which all residents have access to a quality education, safe and healthy homes, adequate employment, transportation, physical activity, and nutrition, in addition to quality health care.”
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